So you’re interested in supporting my blog, I see. That’s great! By donating to my Patreon you help ensure that I keep my website and blog ad-free and self-sustainable. Each dollar you’re willing to donate is a dollar less I have to worry about and in the capitalist hellscape we all live in I can’t thank you enough for it haha.

Seriously, thank you!

But why else should you subscribe to my blog you might ask? After all, positive vibes and a nice “thank you” can’t be the only reason one should consider subscribing so why else should a thoughtful, critical-minded nerd such as yourself consider becoming a Patreon of Pop Wasabi?

With my blog I am aiming to change the discussions around pop culture. I want geeks and nerds to look more deeply beyond just plot and aesthetics of the media they consume. I don’t mean to be overly critical or a neckbeard about it, of course, but I want to open up new ways to discuss science fiction, fantasy, and all other nerdy topics in between.

A subscriber to my Patreon would be someone who wants to see new stories discussed or new ideas analyzed within old topics. I started this blog not only to express myself but also because the topics I wanted to see discussed, the takes I wanted to see analyzed within Pop Culture were largely being ignored by brand-led media.

Anyone can write or talk about Star Wars and the various ways they are unsatisfied with how the Mouse is handling the franchise but fewer are taking more critical observations beyond that of such series. I could write a dozen articles about the MCU (and I have written a lot to be fair) but tons of websites and YouTubers already do this.

My goal with this blog is to go after subjects within the medium that are less discussed, find new ways of viewing old subjects, and subscribers will be encouraged to be a part of that discussion too. At the very least I want to make people more aware of topics within certain media that have always been there and thus open up new possibilities for themselves in understanding the medium.

And perhaps blow and radicalize a few minds in the process…

Either way whatever reason you choose to support me I appreciate it and I hope that you enjoy this journey I take you through the world of pop culture. I look forward to seeing, y’all in the comments!

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